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About Us

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About us

Practice Management by EMC,

EMC is a large Independent Network in South Africa

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EMC undertook to develop its own practice management system from the ground up. The goal was to offer a system that has full practice functionalities for patient capturing, consultations and medical aid claims submissions whilst keeping costs down.

Network providers are continually challenged with administrator contracts that impact on their professional autonomy, choice and ability to own their own data. Managed care interventions have also led inadvertently to doctors only focus on cost control rather than shifting to quality outcomes and potential to earn the appropriate revenue.

EMC has a participating provider code of conduct that aligns with the HPCSA guidelines and is based on the ready, willing and able principle.

EMC is in favour of the HMI Report of 2019 that have found various anti-competitive practices as well as unsustainable models at an upstream service level at private specialist and private hospital level. All these have impacted on primary care providers earning far less than they should be earning over the last 20 years. Cirrus 2021 is being launched to counter this trend as well as to empower primary care providers to proper care co-ordination roles, disease management functionality and referral pathway management.

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Cirrus started with a desktop version that evolved to an online cloud based system.

This more secure platform expanded the capacity for real time claims, referral pathway management, disease management , dispensary management with procurement of medicines and no software installations.

Cirrus user base continues to grow and evolve with multiple functionality being enhanced and added like those included in the EMC Square project planning and Learning Portfolio for participating providers.

Cirrus has kept to its main goal of key functionality and providing an alternative to corporate purveyors of practice management systems.

EMC and its network wish to provide a service for its practice user base that moves away from the corporate dynamic while focusing on optimal patient care.

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Vision & Mission

EMC is in the business of providing affordable and good quality healthcare service delivery and managed healthcare solutions for patients and providers from the emerging market.

EMC aspires to gain a national reputation and standard for providing and managing healthcare to the emerging market GPs and to be the leading independent DSP in the country, which is authentically GP driven

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Corporate Value

At EMC, we believe that above all else, our business should place the patient needs and rights first.

Hence we must respect the integrity of our profession, the integrity of information we receive and manage the integrity of the patients we serve.

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Emerging Market Healthcare Ltd (EMC) is a provider & patient initiative within the base of 200 Black doctors from disadvantaged areas of the Western Cape in January 2004.The EMC is a genuine South African empowerment story of a home grown enterprise created within the network and patient base of the previously disadvantaged areas of the Western Cape in the face of high barriers to entry within an administrator and hospital dominated healthcare environment.The DFPA is the oldest IPA in the country, having been established in 1984.The DFPA is one of the surviving partner organisations that were involved in the transformation of MASA to SAMA in 1994. EMC was established in 2003 when the founding doctor group (DFPA) took the paradigm shift to create a healthcare contracting entity, driven by providers, to control their own healthcare information.As an operational entity, it runs effectively as a non for profit and isabsent of corporate involvement and any vertical integration with any hospital group. We have a frugal activity based costing mentality, which together with our own proprietary IT infrastructure (managed care, patient based, protocols based) allows for price competitiveness, an integrated DSP development and genuine empowerment and risk transfer to the family practitioner and other primary care providers.The philosophy of empowering the 2 constants in the intangible and heterogeneous healthcare service chain, the patient and the doctor, has underpinned our organisation’s societal approach to healthcare.

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