EVENTS – Virtual Open Day 2021

Dear Doctor / Healthcare Worker

Thank you your RSVP

You shall receive a confirmation email and several reminders with the access link for the day via email and SMS. 

There shall be a follow up email with Additional reading material for the various topics accompanied by a survey to answer a few questions from the stakeholders.Please complete the survey to receive wonderful, sponsored prices. To note we shall be hosting a secure website for Stakeholders to showcase their products via VIRTUAL STANDs.

We look forward to seeing you on-line on the 27th of November 2021 and sharing our Virtual Open day with you.

  • There are ongoing challenges facing primary healthcare providers from revenue sustainability, to uncertainty on policy reform and threats to their scope of practice and professional autonomy!
  • We shall be implementing various revenue generating projects in line with our EMC 2 map in 2022. Please Click Here if you would like to receive further information about these as well as our in house Learning Portfolio for capacity building of practices.

  • Cirrus Cloud – demonstrating core differences from Corporate Vendors and functionality to improve your practice standing from a compliance & economic sustainability level.
  •     a    Compliance with Regulation
  •     b    Learning Portfolio
  •     c    Referral Pathway Management
  •     d    Disease Management
  •     e    Telehealth

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