EMC² Learning Portfolio session: HPCSA Update on CPD processes at the Regulator

CPD Accredited Virtual Zoom Meeting Engagement Meeting on the 5th of July 2022 at 13h30 with the HPCSA

Topic: HPCSA Update on CPD processes at the Regulator

Primary Objective:

To support health practitioners in understanding better the evolved CPD system at the  HPCSA. To guide practitioners to meet the requirements for continuing education and demonstrate how the learning ties in standards across the various healthcare domains.

Intended Key Take Home Points

  • Legislative framework                       
  • CPD requirements
  • CPD audit and non-compliance
  • Evolution of the CPD programme
  • Demonstration of new e-portal processes at the HPCSA

“The HPCSA is in the process of reforming and redefining the CPD process towards enhanced competency, therefore to get to a revised model for CPD which shall guide genuine learning and enable improvement of practitioners’ professional competence and performance. This shall mean shifting from tick box or event-driven CPD to processes where self-learning is encouraged, authenticated upskilling, feedback and quality measures are in place.”

Speaker:        Mr Mpho Mbodi
Head of Division: Professional Practice
, Health Professions Council of South Africa

Date: 5 July 2022, Tuesday

Time: 13h30 – 14h30

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