Learning Portfolio – Servier Virtual Event

Topic: Hypertension Treatment Update: Diuretic & CCB – Perfect fit for Sub Saharan Africa

  • Speaker: Dr Erika Jones
  • Date: 7 June 2022
  • Time: 13h30 – 14h30

Primary Objective:

To support general practitioners to consistently and accurately interpret clinical evidence and latest treatment guidelines so that they can make informed decisions when it comes to the treatment of their hypertensive patients.

Intended Key Take Home Points

  • For there to be a clearer understanding on the current evidence and guidelines for the treatment of hypertension, especially Black African patients
  • For there to be a clearer understanding of the combinations recommended by guidelines and the evidence that support the recommendations, especially in the management of Black African patients

For a clearer understanding of the benefits of using single-pill combinations to improve adherence and ultimately treatment outcomes.