PM Training 16th November 2021

Notice for Practice Manager Training Session 16th November 2021 from 13h30 to 14h30

Dear Doctor/Practice Manager

Thank you for your RSVP, please see confirmation email sent with Zoom Link.

You are invited to our first training course as part of our planned Learning Portfolio masterclass that we wish to commence in January 2022.

Your practice would have received various information about our planned revenue generation EMC2 projects. This session is aimed more at the compliance and non-clinical aspects of the learning portfolio and capacity build.

The following 2 topics shall be discussed:

  1. How to bill medical schemes correctly across the different options? [ 35 min ]
    Presenter Dr MM Stoltz with Q&A                                                                           
  2. Overview of Learning Portfolio Masterclass 2022 [ 10 min ]
    Presenter EMC team with feedback from Needs Analysis

Medical schemes have so many different options and billing requirements that it is impossible to know each one or a smart way to bill across all these options. The training shall cover:

  • Practice billing as a key business requirement
  • Philosophy of the low-cost environment and alternative reimbursement imagining reformed funding by 2024
  • Use of key codes properly and appropriately
  • Billing for quality outcomes and appropriate testing at GP levels
  • What errors to avoid in billing

There is a host of new legislation from the POPI Act, the Office of Health Standards & Compliance, the NHI Bill and its implications for the medical scheme environment, the HPCSA focus areas and National policy reforms:

  • Practice staff need to understand the implications of these policy reforms
  • How to manage an increasing litigation and demanding patient population
  • Shift to preventive healthcare and patient screening
  • The complementary role of telehealth to patient care
  • How to market the practice offering legitimately to the community of patients

For any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact our Practice Management Team on 021 0351774 or email


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